Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A torrid few days

Things have improved. We've now had three days when S has woken up more normally and we haven't had the 'Get out!' outbursts. There have been one or two flashes of aggression when I've been trying to help her but mostly she has been reasonably happy, particularly when we've been with other people.

The Professor, who only does a day a week at the Memory Clinic now, phoned me at 9.15 on that day i.e. at the earliest opportunity. He was very concerned and did not question at all the idea that such a small dose could cause such havoc. He was fairly encouraging about there being no lasting effect and this seems to be the case.

S has now been referred to the district community team, so we await contact from them. Apparently the team is made up of people from various disciplines and we will get regular visits which is welcome - although it has been reassuring to know that we have had advice from a leading expert, we have seldom seen the Professor more often than once a year.

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