Monday, 23 January 2012

The benefits of walking

We just rediscovered them.  During the first part of 2011, we managed to do quite a bit, sometimes nine or ten miles a week.  Then we went on a couple of holidays which disrupted the routine.  S's sudden decline put paid to any thought of walking outside for some time.  At one point we wondered if S was forgetting how to walk.  I remember saying to my stepdaughter that I thought it would be a great achievement if we ever got her the twenty or so metres to the end of the road.  Then we had a lot of foul weather which did not encourage me to try.

Eventually, we did manage to get her to walk very short distances but not until we had a few sunny days about ten days ago did I venture out with S, hoping to get her walking a bit further.  I was amazed as within a short distance S was walking as well as she has done for many,many months.  We walked for four days running.  The distances still weren't vast  -  the furthest we went (twice) was one and a half miles  -  but the benefits were  obvious.  Although S was involved in her 'conversations' throughout the walks, she was calmer when we got home, mostly sitting still quite quietly, and for the rest of the day her animated walking up and down in the house was much reduced.

Now I'm determined to try and keep it up.  Today we went out in quite windy conditions, but not a word of complaint from S.

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  1. Just thought of something. We have some homeless men in amarillo, Tx where I live, and sometimes we see them walking down the road talking to themselves. I bet these men have dementia. So sad.