Sunday, 26 February 2012

Other improvements

Another example of the way that things have improved is that the disorientation in space that I discussed here is rarely evident now. Although S often takes her glasses off  -  for reasons that aren't really clear  -  when I hand them to her she always takes hold of them rather than my hand. Similarly when she gets into bed she usually manages to get her head onto the pillow in more or less the right place.

Another very helpful improvement is that nine times out of ten S is now able to get in and out of the bath with little or no assistance. For a period both I and her daughter had to help her and, even then, it was incredibly difficult.

There's no very obvious explanation for these and the other improvements I've recorded. I think maybe something else was going on and making things far worse during the autumn and whatever it was is no longer affecting her. It might come back, of course, but at least for now life is significantly better for both of us.

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  1. If the inflammation for the Herpes was affecting some other part of her, such as urinary tract infection, your giving her that med for it might have helped the other thing. Whenever Mom gets a kidney infection (she is in kidney failure and has polycystic kidneys) she gets more agitated and it seems the dementia worsens, but once we get that straightened out, she reverts back to being like she was before the infection. Maybe the same thing happens with this med you are using.