Thursday, 7 February 2013

This is what we have sunk to

I'm amazed that this story has not been given greater exposure:

No food, no water, no medication - left to die in her own home

What this appears to tell us that in the UK in 2012, it's more important to crack down on allegedly illegal immigrants than to keep an elderly woman, who is paying for her own 'care', alive. What she must have gone through doesn't bear thinking about.

I am aware from reading online forums that there are many elderly confused people (often actually suffering from dementia) in the same situation, totally dependent on carers and with minimal, if any, contact with family.

As a British politician once said: 'I warn you not to grow old.'

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  1. Statistics state alot of the old people with dementia have never been diagnosed, have no family, and are living alone. Can you imagine what their life must be like?