Thursday, 9 January 2014

Back to normal

Regular readers will have seen that I have not posted on the blog since November. This is because, in addition to all the usual Christmas and New Year stuff, I have been rather preoccupied with a health issue of my own.  It has now been resolved, I'm glad to say.  But it has been hard to concentrate on my normal activities.  As you may imagine, dealing with this kind of thing is that much more taxing when someone is dependent on you.

And this experience has brought home to me just how dependent on me S is. A health problem that could mean a stay in hospital is a nightmare for a carer. As there was a realistic possibility that I would need in-patient treatment, I have had to think about what arrangements would be needed in such a case and how these might affect S.  Whichever way I looked at it, it was be very complicated and none of the possible scenarios would have been, it seemed to me, without risk to her present and future well-being.

I am now hoping that I can gradually build on the information I've gathered so that, if I'm in the same situation again, I will at least feel better prepared.

Anyway, normal service has now been resumed.

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