Monday, 4 August 2014

They should make trackers for people

This is what someone wrote on an online forum after discussing the problem of trying to keep track of someone living with dementia who is still mobile.

They do, of course.  Google it if you are interested.

I know that cold fear when you look around and the person you're caring for is no longer there.  Now that S is more settled and doesn't move as fast it is hardly a problem.  But I still have to pack supermarket stuff with one hand  -  the other is holding onto S!  And if I let go she will sometimes set off to who knows where.

Increasingly I answer yes to 'Would you like help with your packing?'.


  1. Hello there. Do you have an email address I could reach you on? I work with a team of dementia specialists and we'd really like to chat to you about your blog. With best wishes.

  2. I did post it briefly but don't really want it up here so on second thoughts please leave a contact email for yourselves. I am interested in talking to you.