Thursday, 17 May 2012

Belts and braces

I am interested in some of the ideas discussed by Dr Mary Newport, and  her website is worth a look for anyone interested in alleviating dementia symptoms. This link will take you to a document which itemises the improvements she has noted in her husband since she has been giving him coconut oil:
Click here to download the Word document (you'll open a box allowing you to save it wherever you want to.)
One could fairly say that Dr Newport majors in coconut oil.

The problem though is that, in addition to the coconut oil, she has been giving him any number of dietary additives/supplements as well as several conventional drugs. Among the drugs, she has been using Valaciclovir, which is a supercharged version of the anti-viral drug Aciclovir, which S has been taking during the time when she has made marked improvements. So Mary Newport also believes that the herpes virus might be a contributory factor.

With an approach that involves so many different belts and three kinds of braces it would seem quite impossible to separate out the factors(s) responsible for the improvements. One can easily understand the thinking  -  let's try anything that might help  -  but is it really necessary, or desirable to take them all at once?

Also, I can't find much about the kind of life Mary and Steve lead. This could also be relevant.

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  1. Do you know what supplements, or do I need to go to the link? I hate leaving your pages to go elsewhere. My Mom's main nurse keeps saying we shouldn't give her supplements, etc., because it would put too much strain on her failing kidneys. I'd love to see with alpha lipoic acid and acetyl=LCarnitine and PS would help her as much as its helped me get out of fuzzy thinking and back to being interested in life, art, and exercise. I play 3 hrs of pickleball Monday, Thursday and Saturday, before starting the supplements I was always tired.