Saturday, 13 October 2012

Who am I caring for?

Am I caring for a dementia sufferer?

Or am I caring for a woman who has:
daughters (and sons-in-law),
a husband,
a father who's still alive,
a brother and sister-in-law,
stepsons (and step daughters-in-law),
many friends,
an interesting and varied career to look back on,
a deep love of music,
many wonderful, and some very sad, memories,
etc, etc, etc,
and who now has dementia?

There is a difference.


  1. A very good point, one I can and do forget.
    Paul Hudson

    1. Thanks for this Paul. I appreciate your response. I forget as well.

  2. I wish that described my Mom. But sadly most everyone she knew her age are dead and gone, and she was a homemaker, no career. She was a caregiver to her mother and husband, and when they passed, her reason for existence seemed to end. She went into dementia pretty fast after daddy's death, but wasn't diagnosed for 5 years.