Saturday, 31 August 2013

Another milestone for the blog

The number of page views during the life of the blog has just passed 20,000.  I know of course that blogs about cup cake recipes and fashion accessories for pets probably get more page views in a month, but I'm very grateful to all our readers across the world for taking the trouble to have a look at my musings.

Thanks also to those who have left comments and become members.

I always hope to start posting more regularly, but this is very dependent on circumstances.  In some ways, looking after S has become less demanding since I started the blog but there are still times when significant pieces in the support jigsaw that enables me to have some time to myself become less available, for unavoidable reasons.

As well as being featured on Mumsnet and Gransnet as a guest blog, AWD can also be found on loveallblogs and talk health.


  1. Oh it is very hurtful moment when i heard about your wife was being caught be dementia. And it is very beautiful blog which is dedicated to your wife, it is really nice and deserves appreciation.