Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A sad and disturbing story

This story has been on TV and in various paper.  The Manchester Evening News has an embedded video  -  you can hear the old man's side of the story:

Walter tells his story

It seems clear that the Care Home in question had been under some pressure from the inspectors, the Care Quality Commission:

CQC Report

The Care Home's action may have been influenced by this.

At the very least, there seems to have been an over-reaction by the police and probably the Social Services.

Clearly, when someone has been looking after a loved one on their own for several years they will know a good deal about that person's need and will have been responsible for giving medication.  So what could be more natural than that the carer (the caring doesn't stop), seeing his wife in pain, would administer prescribed medication?

You can understand why some people would rather not grow old.

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