Thursday, 3 April 2014

On of those more complex posts. I'm afraid.....

....but give it a go.  I'm not for one moment claiming to understand it properly, but I am excited by what it appears to suggest.  The researchers believe that they have found why some people with significant plaques and tangles in their brains do not develop dementia (see nuns study).

Note also the first comment at the end of the main article where the writer states as if it is well known that:  'A sizable proportion of elderly individuals with substantial AD pathology does not appear to progress to dementia...'  You would not think it was well-known judging by the number of times 'the causes of dementia' are discussed without this key fact being mentioned.

Perhaps there is some research hidden away somewhere that explains why some people who have few or no plaques and tangles do develop dementia (i.e. the other side of the nuns study coin)?

Here is the link:

I would welcome comments, particularly from any researchers.

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