Monday, 5 May 2014

An invitation from a TV documentary company

Twofour Broadcast, the production company behind Educating Yorkshire (  ) are making a three-part documentary series for Channel 4 all about dementia. The series  aims to document the lives of people with dementia and their families whilst  raising awareness about the latest progressive techniques being used to help those  living with the disease.  We want the series to send out a positive message about dementia, and to show that there are ways to cope and live better with the illness for the sufferer and the carer.

Each episode will look at a number of  families  who are caring for a relative with dementia at home who have reached a certain crisis point and are starting to access outside help, or/and consider other techniques that can help their situation . The idea is to follow a family through this difficult process whilst they meet different groups and organisations,  who are using the latest and most up-to-date progressive techniques in dementia care and therapies.

We hope to show that the work they do will help give the carer a better understanding of their relative’s particular type of dementia and empower them to take steps to care for and communicate with their relative in a new way. Within the programme,  would like to illustrate the life the relative has led and aim to work together with the family  to find out about their past through life story work, music therapy  and reminiscence work. In some cases, by bringing particular care approaches into their lives,  we hope to witness the person with dementia re-engage with an interest or activity they may have enjoyed in the past.

We are looking for families who make like to share their stories and take part in the series. We sincerely understand how sensitive the area of  dementia is but we hope the series will send an important message out generally, and help eliminate some of the stigma associated with the illness.

I have been contacted by :

She has explained to me the kind of programmes they are aiming to produce and sent me the above summary.  If anyone is interested in talking to her and/or taking part in the programmes, she would welcome a discussion.

As a retired education professional, I was very impressed when she told me that this is the company behind Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire, two of the best and most thoughtful programmes about schools that have ever been produced. I know, from hearing interviews with the participants, that great care is taken to ensure that everyone involved is happy with the finished product.

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