Friday, 20 November 2015

S has had another fit

Fortunately it's clear that it wasn't as bad as the last time. Although it was horrible to witness and hear (she was breathing in a strange gurgly way for 7 or 8 mins) she recovered quickly in terms of vital signs. The first responder got here before the fit was even properly over and her oxygen level was normal (it helped that as she was in the hospital bed I was able to get her into the recovery position very quickly, unlike last time when she was in a very awkward crumpled position and it was deemed potentially dangerous to move her).

It was scary - you know anything can happen but it's still a shock when it does - but I found I was able to cope. I was very reluctant to go to A & E after our last experience and I phoned our GP before I agreed and he said to go, if only for the bloods. Our carer came straight to the hospital, as did S's daughter who brought her very recently-born baby with her. So the waiting was actually quite bearable. 

All the tests were fine, including a chest x-ray (as the thing started when she was drinking and coughed so there was a risk of aspiration pneumonia developing) ECG and various blood tests. Her chest sounded fine as well.

Rather than wait 3 hours for an ambulance home, S's daughter drove me to collect the wheelchair and vehicle. I then drove back and our carer helped me lift S into the chair and we came home in tandem. We then got her back on the bed and settled ready for an evening snack. She had eaten most of a sandwich at the hospital so no problems with her appetite. Two days later everything suggest that she is pretty much back to where she was so just a 'normal' fit, if there is such a thing, but we shall see.

I've looked at the NHS Choices page on seizures (fits):

It confirms that there is an enormous range of symptoms that can constitute a seizure, e.g. S regularly has what could well be Myoclonic seizures, particularly at breakfast time and these can occur in conjunction with other types of seizure.

Also, it confirms that not all seizures are due to epilepsy.

It looks as though this is yet another area that I need to get clued-up about.

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