Sunday, 24 January 2016

No wonder people are confused

I'm sceptical about this article and not just because it's in the Daily Mail:

I also read in latest issue of 'The Week' an article which quotes Professor John Hardy telling the Royal Society about 'drugs to halt AD within a decade'. The Week article and also contains this 'fact' (though it's not clear where it comes from):

Since 1980, there has been a 20% drop in dementia incidence (in Britain), possibly as a result of people taking actions to reduce their cholesterol levels.

I've never seen this before and most statistics suggest a growing problem. The Mail article talks of 'increasing rates of Alzheimer's'.

And even if it is true I think his possible reason is pretty implausible.

So much of the stuff you read about AD, even when you discount the massive amount of obvious twaddle, contradicts other stuff. And the media never delve into these matters in any detail at all but just wait for the next press release to come along.

Finally, so many of the articles and news items talk about dementia and Alzheimer's as if they are one condition with one cause (whatever that happens to be this week).

Pure ignorance across the board.

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