Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fit number 3

S had another fit today. Our carer had not been here long and was feeding S her lunch. I was in the kitchen when the carer called me to come quickly. I went straight in and it was just like the last fit. We lowered the bed and got her into the recovery position. There was a small bit of regurgitated fruit that came out and the dreadful-sounding gurgling breathing. The carer asked if we should phone for an ambulance but I reminded her that the GP said, after the last fit, that we call the surgery and he or the other partner would come as soon as they could. So rather than ringing 999 we decided to hold on. The surgery was closed for lunch so we couldn't call for 15 mins.

The fit subsided after about 8 mins though it's difficult to be exact as she was fairly passive during and after and the breathing gradually sounded a bit more normal as she seemed to drift onto quite a deep sleep. I was able to use the oxymeter and found the level was normal, at 97, even during the fit. This was a bit of a relief. Temperature was also normal.

At bang on 2 when the surgery opened, I phoned and got straight through! The receptionist talked to the GP on the phone and eventually came back with the message that he would call round in about 30 mins.

When he came S was pretty much back to normal, though tired. He did her BP and listened to her chest - no problems. We discussed whether she should be on an anticonvulsant and he thought that as all three fits had happened at similar times and she is nearly always on the hospital bed or in the wheelchair, comparatively safe, it was probably better to avoid the possibility of complications with other meds, at least for the time being. Fine by me.

So all in all, much less traumatic and tedious than the ambulance trips to A and E for the day, yet the same positive news that we would have got there. I would do the same again unless the oxygen level was a concern.

It's still very scary - particularly for the carers who hasn't seen S have a fit before - but I'm glad we held our nerve.

S soon ate the rest of her lunch quite happily and is, as far as we can see, back to normal.

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