Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Always in the wrong

One of the most frustrating things about being in S's position must be how often she appears to be in the wrong. Because, amongst many other things, her memory is very deficient, I will nearly always remember things better than her (not because I have a great memory but because I have a 'normal' one). Quite regularly, we get into arguments about something that has happened and I try to remind her of what was said or done. Obviously, I don't do this unless it's something that matters - often I just let it go - but still she regularly gets very upset about it. There was a problem this morning when I asked her if she was ready for her breakfast. She said she had already had it. As I wanted to make sure she did eat her breakfast (she's not been eating normally for some time now) I had to tell her that she hadn't had her breakfast and that I knew because I make her breakfast.

A similar problem arises quite often when she believes that she has told me something and she hasn't. I know this is occasionally a problem in many relationships ('You don't listen, that's your trouble!' ) but the difference is that I nearly always know for sure that she hasn't told me because it will be something like her saying that she has told me she wants to go to bed when I have been regularly asking her to come to bed for a couple of hours. There's no doubt at all that she believes she has told me.

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