Sunday, 27 November 2011

Not as bad as expected

The week, that is. I feel things have stabilised to a degree. S is eating and drinking a little bit more - still very hard work to get her to do so though. Also she's had periods this week when she has been calm, happy and more 'herself'. She continues to really perk up when with friends and family, as long as there aren't too many children/conversations. She can sit still for a considerable time trying to follow the conversation and even contributes to it after a fashion. She loses interest in walking up and down and having the conversations with the people who are causing her so much trouble. We've twice got her dressed and out of the house for the first time for over a week. Her daughter who lives fairly close by has been very supportive and given up most of her evenings to help, and to support me.

One of the things that has developed over the past few weeks is that S's outlook (she is normally very positive) is very negative at times. Whenever friends are expected to call, she is convinced that they won't and tells me that she has spoken to them and that they've told her. It's the same when we're going to visit family and friends. I can't think of any solution to this but maybe it will be one of those things that just come and go.

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