Thursday, 30 August 2012

More conversation

A couple of day ago, S announced, 'She's gone!'. I'm very familiar with this. Normally it's a good friend that's gone. S used to be inconsolable about this, insisting that the friend would not come back. It hasn't been such a problem recently, but I'm still alerted by the phrase as it has led to such agitation in the past.

However this time it went: 'She's gone! My Venice.....which is wonderful for her!' No upset, no agitation.

S loves Venice. Two years ago we went there together and we were near Venice this year though as it was in July and we knew it would be very hot and very crowded we gave it a miss.

This happens more often now. A conversation will start off sounding ominous and will develop in a way that suggests there will not be a happy ending. But then things turn around and end happily. The example here is the most concise version I've heard.

My favourite words of S's are probably: 'Exactly right!' and 'Brilliant!', both of which can conclude some saga of misunderstanding or hostility.

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