Tuesday, 21 August 2012

S's conversations - an update

In a much earlier post, I mentioned the nature of S's 'conversations' with her 'friends'. There have been some changes since then.

Generally, though they are still pretty repetitive, they are not so constant and she spends longer just sitting quietly, paying some attention to whatever is on the radio or TV from time to time, apparently quite calm and happy. She does get agitated, but not nearly as often or as dramatically as she used to and often the agitation, usually accompanied by walking up and down, is a signal that she needs something, the loo or a drink, e.g.

The conversations usually seem to take place in a school setting (she was a teacher). Sometimes she is the teacher and at others one of the kids. There's an awful lot of apologising: 'Oh...I'm sorry!' though it's not always possible to tell whether it is S or the person she is talking to who is doing the apologising. 'Oh God!' is another very common exclamation though these days it doesn't sound nearly as serious as it used to.

A lot of it concerns making arrangements: 'Tomorrow. We can go for a walk or something.' Misunderstandings also figure largely: 'Oh I see...I'm sorry', 'No! I said....'.

Sometimes a perfectly formed statement jumps out: 'Yes, it is good, but it's not half as good as it could and should be.' Where did that come from? Did someone say it to her sometime? Did she say it to kids? (Doesn't sound like her from what I know of her approach.)

I still find it tedious at times. But things could be, and have been, so much worse.

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