Saturday, 4 August 2012


I've mentioned personhood previously, and this is one of the posts that I'd urge everyone to read:

In 'I'm Still Here', (see previous post), John Zeisel poses a question that should really stop us in our tracks: 'Does a person have to speak intelligibly, to remember the names of recent prime ministers, or to be independent in caring for him or herself in order to be a person?'

There's only one answer to that.

But accepting the answer intellectually, as most people who aren't neurologists would, doesn't necessarily make it certain that you will always remember the answer and act accordingly. As I've indicated at various points in the blog, I read what some experts say about people with dementia and wonder if they spend much time reflecting on the nature of 'personhood'.


  1. It's not just experts who can't see beyond the disability. Society also struggles with the less than perfect.

    There are many of us with insight, however, and thru' blogs like yours, we will make a difference x.

    1. Thanks, Lesley. I agree - but I feel experts should know better.

  2. We have "special adults" who come to our church, about 30 and they are so precious. They laugh when the rest of us don't and we see that sometimes they are more in touch with humor than the rest of us. And when new babies are shown on the overhead, they OOH and AHH and make the new parents feel espcially good. I believe some of these "special adults" truly enjoy life a lot of us not so special.