Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Another milestone

The total number of page views of this blog has just passed 10,000.  I just wanted to thank all those who have taken the time to read what I've written.  The blog has become increasingly important to me, both as way of sharing my thoughts and feelings with others, and also because the feedback I get suggests that people find it interesting and useful.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I'm able to tell you that, although understandably the views are mostly from people in the UK, there is also a significant readership in the US.  Russia and Canada are represented next in the 'league table' with a surprisingly large number of countries also featuring.  I guess dementia fascinates and appals people the world over.

Thanks again to all of you.


  1. You're a very decent man - in fact, a saint. My husband has only a mild form, but enfuriates me every day. I must really try to be more patient and understanding, but it's hard.

    1. Thanks, but I reckon everyone in our situation 'loses it' on occasions. You just have to put it behind you and press on.

      It's certainly hard - no two ways about it.

  2. I've been doing momsdementia.com for about 6 months and I'm up to 4650 or so. I've had people from about 12 countries and some days Ukraine outnumbers the US pageviews. One day this past week more page views from Israel. I think someone discovers a blog like I did yours and just reads the whole thing at a setting, so one reader could run up my total by how many pages I've written if they read the whole thing. I write very long blogs so it would take quite a while to read them all, but they need to be read from oldest to newest as they are a continuing story usually. Like a book review or mother's life history.