Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sometimes it's the little things that drive you mad

Twice today, ironically because we've had a nice weekend with one of my sons and his wife, I was quite relaxed and not quite as 'on the ball' as I usually force myself to be  So after handing S a drink I watched her start it and then carried on lighting the fire.  She then tried to put the drink down and, as so often, she managed to put it down on top of something else.  I heard it roll over and fall onto the carpet.

That meant quite a clean up, though as it had fallen onto a rather grubby bit of carpet I at least had the consolation of feeling that this was something I would probably have had to do in the near future.

But how to explain that I did a very similar thing a few hours later!  This time I left S, sitting down at the table, with a drink of fruit juice.  This is usually a bit safer, but you'd think I would have kept an eye on S until the glass was empty in view of the earlier spill.

Anyway, whilst I was happily getting on with the washing-up, S was busily walking up and down the hall carrying the half full glass of fruit juice at an angle that meant that most of it ended up on the wooden floor.  This was rather more annoying as I knew it would be much more difficult to clean up.  Though I know there's no point I did briefly remonstrate with S before remembering that there's no point.  This didn't help, though in the past I would have been much more obviously annoyed and frustrated and she would have been much more agitated.   So that's something positive I suppose.

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