Wednesday, 16 January 2013

e-petition about a scandalous situation

The petition here:

was recently started and is an attempt to get dementia considered as a disease (rather than something that just happens to  -  mostly  -  old people).  The importance of this is that, unlike other terminal diseases, it does not entitle the patient to free NHS care.

There is a currently a complex system via which certain cases can be considered for some NHS funding but people find that this is mainly an obstacle course that deters all but the most determined (and carers have one or two other things to concentrate on).  If you do get some funding you stand a good chance of having it taken away after a couple of months.

You may have heard of the 'Dilnot' proposal whereby, at some stage in the future, patients may only have to spend 'only' £35,000 or, more likely, £75,000 of their money on their own treatment!

Please consider signing the petition.  Remember no-one of whatever age can know when they or a loved one may be struck by one of the diseases that causes dementia.

If the petition attracts 100,000 signatures, the issue can then be considered for debate in parliament.

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