Friday, 27 April 2012

More good stuff

We bought a small motorhome in 2006 when I retired from full-time work. Since then we've used it extensively and travelled as far as Hungary and Italy. When S had her sudden decline in the autumn I thought we would never go away in the van again. 

Last week, with S's full agreement and approval, we went on a short motorhome trip to Snowdonia. S seemed to slip seamlessly into motorhome mode again and in fact the two nights were better than the last few times we used the van last year. We met up with family which helped but also spent several hours confined in the van by a series of showers. We successfully chilled out to our own music and the radio. When we got back home we both thought it had been a big success.

This week, we went to the dentist for check-ups which I thought would be very difficult. It wasn't at all. S got into the right position on the chair, opened her mouth wide enough for inspection and a scale and polish. The dentist is superb, which is a great help, but S was just amazing, actually much better than the last inspection over a year ago.

I keep reminding S how well these things went and she certainly understands that these are significant achievements, even though when we saw a speech and language specialist this week (more on this later) she was unable to say the names of her two daughters. 

As I suggested in the previous post, there's the person and then there's their cognitive abilities.

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  1. I love how you love your wife!! and doing things with her. Keep up the good work and relationship.