Sunday, 15 April 2012


The passage quoted in the previous post continues with a description of the mother's distress and confusion  - she is left to cry herself to sleep.

The daughter concludes:

It could be that she needs a change in mood medications.

Or (this my suggestion) a thorough review of all her medication and possible interactions and side-effects, with a view to discovering whether the complex cocktail is responsible for, rather than ameliorating, her 'mood'.

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  1. I wish I knew how to contact that person. Mom was physically abusing nurses and sundowning to extreme. I had them take off any meds that didn't save her life that day, and we added a few back one at a time. It's been remarkable improvement and when I tell Mom she fought and attacked the nurses for 3 nights in a row, she can't believe it, as that just isn't her. You know our bodies are screaming for chemicals, we don't have a low level of them. We have low levels of nutrients and vitamins. I'd suggest she try that, take mom off anything and everything that is not life sustaining and add them back one at a time and see what is making things worse and what actually helps.