Thursday, 5 April 2012

A request from TV documentary producers

I thought there might be people reading this blog who would be interested in this information:
A request from TV documentary producers:

We're very keen to hear from people who would be prepared to speak to us, on an off-record basis, about their experiences of dementia care homes. We're particularly interested to hear from people who are currently seeking suitable residential care, and from those who have experience of anti-psychotics. Feedback from those working within the care profession is also most welcome. 

Please contact if you'd like to know more.


  1. Interesting. Is it something you want to talk about?

    BTW, have you seen the talkhealth blog website?

    Lesley x.

    1. Thanks. They are really interested in people who have issues with care homes but I had a useful background chat (to me and I think to them.

      I have been in touch with talkhealth and hope to contribute a sample post there with a link to my blog.

      Thanks again.