Friday, 13 April 2012

No comment required...

Mom hasn't been feeling good the last couple days,
I wonder if her medication has something to do with it.
She takes:

Propulsid 20 milligrams, twice a day
K-Dur 20meq SA TAB, once a day
Synthroid 0.025 milligrams, once a day
Imdur 30 milligrams, once a day
Procardia XL 60 milligrams, once a day
Prilosec 20 milligrams, once a day
Aspirin 325 milligrams, once a day
Betagan eye drops, two drops for each eye, twice a day
Trinsicon/Ferocon, once a day
Paxil30 milligrams, once a day
Neurontin 100 milligrams, once a day
Nizoral (cream), once a day
DitropanlOxybutynin chloride 5milligrams, twice a day
Extra-Strength Tylenol; once a day

(This is taken from David Shenk's book 'The Forgetting')


  1. Hello,
    That's an interesting title for a blog post :)
    It's good to see that you are finding time to blog regularly. I'm sure the updates help you to organise your thoughts - I certainly found that when I started my blog.
    Glad to hear that S enjoys walking - it's lovely out, in between the showers!
    Lesley x.

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